As you know there are more than 80 types of 918kiss slot game in the server and today we will pick out the latest 20 918kiss slot game to play. The slot game chosen by us will be by popular vote from existing 918kiss players and also from 918kiss casinos that participate in our survey.

Let the 20 top 918kiss slot excitement countdown begin.

918kiss Stone Age Slot

918kiss Stone age slot game comes with 24 payline and flinstone type of icons. Color wise, the game is more to traditional older resolutions but this does not stop players from playing this fun slot.

918kiss Shining Star Slot

This 918kiss game also comes with 24 payline and the icon are more towards card base with colorful hearts, spades and other betting card symbols. Though we are not sure why it was named shining star since the game itself do not have any kind of stars is beyond us.

918kiss Laura Slot

Tomb Rider inspired slot game, this 918kiss fun slot comes with 14 payline and have multiple double and random bonus. The name laura also means that you will will find lots of tomb rider styled historical products. A must try 918kiss game if you love slot game that have lots of special bonus.

918kiss Cookie Pop Slot

Cookie Pop slot comes with major 30 payline and if you ask us, the icons and color wise is a bit outdated but hey different people have different taste and we do believe there are many players that love this game since it do not really resemble slot game but more like android point game instead.

918kiss Easter Surprise Slot

Talk about festive seasons, this 918kiss slot game have all you need to start to reel in holiday mood. With Easter as theme, Easter Surprise slot will be great to play during new year or any other holidays. This 918kiss game comes with maximum of 20 payline.

918kiss Season Greeting Slot

This is another slot game just like Easter Surprise where will be perfect for holiday or Off day from work to relieve some stress. A great thing about this 918kiss slot is that it comes with the minimum number of payline at 9.

918kiss Pirate Classic Slot

Another classic images of 918kiss slot, this game brings back memory of those family pack card game. Classic Pirates comes with 20 payline.

918kiss Fortune Panda Slot

Fortune Panda is the game for those who love cute animals, especially the icon of cute from China, the gentle Panda. A 25 payline slot game that will captured your attention by cuteness alone.

918kiss African Wildlife Slot

African wildlife is a classic and remade version from other similar household name which featured wild life and jungle landscape as slot game background. This game comes with humongous betting line at 50!!

918kiss Halloween Fortune Slot

Slot game with the Halloween theme and comes with 20 payline. This is a mini version of its big brother the Halloween Party Slot.

918kis Halloween Party Slot

Halloween Party slot is the deluxe version from the Halloween series which features more than 10 betting line of its mini version. The icon in this slot game is also geared toward serious tone.

918kiss Monkey Spin Slot

A highly recommend game for new or old 918kiss gamers alike. This games comes with unconventional 10 payline and in the shale or circular which made a refreshing changes from the normal slot game. This game actually falls under semi arcade and semi slot category.

918kiss Magical Spin slot

This game is for those who loves magic and lets face it, who doesn’t love magic! A 25 betting line slot game gems from 918kiss server.

918kiss Aladdin Slot

Another magic theme slot game but this one is more towards cartoon. We believe most of those who was born in the 60s up to 80s grow up familiar with Aladdin and 918kiss made sure to strike where it counts. This is a 20 betting line slot.

918kiss Qin Qian Wa Slot

Gold is good fortune. Golden frog? even better. A lucky charm-esque slot game from 918kiss with lucky red colors and traditional Chinese lucky icons. This 918kiss game comes with 40 betting line.

918kiss Ranch Story Slot

A game that resemble farm ranch, popular online farming game and now it can be played in the slot game version. This game comes in the form of 25 payline and full with cute animal and farm land icons.

918kiss Jin Pei Mei Slot

The sexiest game in the 918kiss arsenal. This game actually can be played in many servers such as Asia Gaming, Mega888 and even Live22. Because of the popularity and of-course the captivating theme, 918kiss add the game into their server. 9 betting line game and easy enough for starters to play with plenty of eye candy we must say.

918kiss Dolphin Slot

We believe even those who played 918kiss game for fun or just started to play the game heard of Dolphin before. The game is actually very popular and among the biggest reason is their constant and multiple layer of bonus. The game also is simple enough and comes in only 9 betting line.

918kiss Top Gun Slot

A movie inspired slot game, top gun is a favorite game for many and ranked in the top 10 in almost every most popular and best 918kiss slot game list. The game comes in major 243 betting line though in aspect it is actually in the form of 9 line.

918kiss Football Rio Slot

Slot game for football lovers. Though not only for football lovers, it also is highly favorite for those who likes footballers as the game have plenty of famous soccer players as icons and comes in full picture frame when it hit certain kind of game bonus. This slot game comes in massive 50 payline.

Above are all the top 20 918kiss slot game where you should certainly try for their difference in all aspects. From major different theme to betting line. The slot game that we chooses also comes with many level of bonus and some even featured random bonus and scatter bonus. Scatter bonus are the slot game most sought after by 918kiss players because the icons comes regularly and can be used to make full line. Try out above slot games and you might find your latest favorite 918kiss slot here.

In short, there are tons of top 918kiss slot game out there, and all you really need is to find the one most suitable for your gameplay.

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